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Commercial property - financing for offices, shops, logistics and warehouses

New construction, renovation or expansion - there are many reasons for commercial property financing. Property often lays the foundation for entrepreneurial success - so it is all the more important to be aware of the complexities of the associated financing and to find the right financing partner. In the following, we explain what the framework conditions are for your successful property financing and how can support you in this process.

What factors influence the financing of a commercial property?

There are a number of factors that can influence the conditions of your financing. These include the use of the property and special regulations or legislation at the location. Other questions that will arise during the financing process include:

  • Is the object specifically designed for the company or can it also be used by other companies? (third-party use)

  • Has the type of utilisation been determined?

  • What is the term of the financing / How is it structured?

  • Is it a new build / are renovations planned in the short term?

  • What is the value of the property?

  • What is the company's credit rating / What are the company's figures?

  • What is the location of the property?

It is important that you are aware of these factors and, if necessary, prepare suitable property documents and calculations in order to make a professional impression on financing partners. We check your documents and prepare them to ensure the success of your financing.

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Maximilian Vorwerk
Maximilian Vorwerk
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Differences in the valuation of private and commercial properties

While private properties are assessed using the asset value method, commercial properties are valued using the capitalised earnings value method, which is based on the expected net income that the property can generate.

This more complex valuation leads to a much more difficult financing process for commercial property. Conditions can only be determined to a limited extent on the basis of the current economic situation and your creditworthiness, but are significantly influenced by the property to be financed. For this reason, it is all the more important for you to find a suitable financing partner who will support your individual case with favourable conditions.

How can help you finance your commercial property?

  • Arrangement of customised financing

    We will find the right financing partner for your individual case and actively optimise the conditions and collateral structures for you in order to achieve the most suitable debt financing possible.

  • Optimisation of your property and creditworthiness documents

    Your documents leave a lasting impression on potential financing partners and can decide the success of your project in case of doubt. We help you to prepare your documents professionally and thus lay the foundation for your success.

  • Negotiations with financing partners

    Our real estate experts have many years of expertise in financing commercial property. We know which levers are relevant and what makes banks tick. Our aim is to keep your conditions as favourable as possible - to achieve this, we negotiate actively and effectively with our financing partners.

  • Advice in every respect

    We don't just support you with financing issues - thanks to our broad network in the real estate market, we can provide help with many issues relating to commercial property. Do not hesitate to consult us, because our aim is to keep you as a long-term, satisfied customer.

Commercial property financing at a glance

A commercial loan is a financial injection for tradespeople that can be used to cover operational financial requirements in the short or medium term. These can be one-off investment costs for property or plant and equipment as well as regular cost centres, such as wage payments or purchases of materials, production equipment and more.

Depending on the financier, it may well be possible to realise commercial property financing entirely without equity. However, it should be borne in mind that repayment instalments and interest are usually significantly higher with such 100 percent full financing than with financing with equity. An equity share of between 20-30 per cent is typical for most commercial property financing.

In principle, companies can apply for commercial property financing for all types of commercially used property. These include:

  • Offices / office buildings

  • Retail space / sales areas

  • Logistics centres / warehouses

If you have specific questions about how your company can best benefit from commercial property financing, please contact us. We will find you a suitable financing partner according to your requirements.

The ongoing costs for commercial property financing depend to a large extent on the form of financing agreed between the lender and the borrower. Details of these costs must be agreed between the contracting parties.

Of course, the amount of the actual loan has a significant influence on the regular payment obligations. In addition to models with a fixed instalment amount, there are also variants in which the costs decrease steadily with the length of the term.

Financiers and borrowers have a wide range of options for customising commercial property financing. The most common financing options include:

  • Annuity loans

  • instalment loans

  • Raising mezzanine capital

  • Utilisation of subsidies

This allows companies to decide flexibly, for example, whether they want to pay off their commercial property financing in fixed instalments or in steadily decreasing tranches.

In order to correctly assess the risk of financing, financiers request various documents and records from borrowers. The following information is often required for commercial property financing:

  • Property data / exposé / land register extracts

  • Information on the company balance sheet

  • Details of profits / losses / liabilities / securities

  • Building permits / building plans

  • Existing draft contracts

  • Financing concepts (optional)

Depending on the financier, different documents may be required. We support you in being prepared for all eventualities. finds tailor-made commercial property financing

Our aim is to provide entrepreneurs with fast access to customised financing. To achieve this, we work independently and advise each entrepreneur individually to find the best financing partner.

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